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KHAN DURA™ Composite Filter Basket

  • Introduction
    DURA™ series stainless steel composite filter basket is a new filter element developed by KHAN. It is designed for pipeline strainer. The filtering surface consists of protection layer, filtration layer, distribution layer and reinforcing layer, and these layers are combined with advanced vacuum&high-temperature composite technique. DURA™  filter basket has the advantages of durable in use, washable when cleaning and good filtration performance. The traditional filter basket is simple add of filtration layer and reinforcing layer by spot welding, it has the problems of easy breaking, can not resist backwashing and precision getting bad. Client who choose Dura filter basket will find it is more convenient to clean it, it has more stable filtration performance and longer service life. Client saves operation cost, filter basket maintenance cost and have stable filtration process, the final product quality is improved.

    Characteristics and Advantages
    DURA™ series stainless steel composite filter basket Traditional overlap metal mesh filte
    combine 4 layers tightly with composite technique simple overlap, layers do not joint closely
    resist outside powerful backwashing, be cleaned quickly when backwashing with big strength, mesh may be damaged, difficult to be cleaned
    integrative structure, can make high-quality welding wire diameter is too thin, oxidzed badly when welding, easy to break and corrode
    filtration layer no  metal wires moviing, good filtering effect filtration layer metal wire moves under pressure,filtering effect getting bad
    long service life, low usage cost high cycle life, high usage cost

    Technical Parameters
    ♦ Filtration precision(µm):25/50/75/100/150200/250/300/375/500
    ♦ Filter basket code and outer sizes(mm):No.2 filter basket(diameter 170, length 660);No.1 filter basket(diameter 170, length 330);No.4 filter basket(diameter 95, length 310)
    ♦ Filtering area(m²):B2=0.35,B1=0.18,B4=0.1
    ♦ Working temperature:<300°C @ 2kg/cm²
    ♦ Recommended cleaning DP:0.5-1kg/cm²
    ♦ Material:SS304/SS316L
    Precision conversion table Meshcount(Mesh)  500 300 200 150 120 100 75 60 50 40 30
    Micro(μm) 30 50 75 100 125 150 200 250 300 375 500


    ♦ Filtration of acid&alkali solution, solvent and corrosive liquid in chemial indust.
    ♦ Various polymer melt high-temperature continuous filtration.
    ♦ Different hydraulic oil, lubricant precision filtration.
    ♦ 各Filtration of raw water, treated water, process water and neutral liquid.