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KHAN XFLOW™ Series High Flow Bag

  • Introduction
    XFLOW™ series high flow filter bag is Khan patented product. It is a new generation liquid bag filter element. Single filter bag filtering area is about 0.9m2 , 1.8 times of traditional standard No.2 filter bag. It is a big renovation to improve a single filter filtration capacity 1.8 times by using this filter bag. XFLOW filter bag work together with special supporting basket can adapt to most No.2 bag filter and multi-bag filter in market.
    XFLOW filter bag has enough filtering area and dirt-holding capacity. Current bag filtration system can adopt XFLOW filter bag. By this way, it can not only extend filter element service life but also reduce replacing frequency, cost and stop-operation times. Client can use a smaller filter for high flow filtration by using XFLOW filter bag.The filtration system investment cost is reduced.

    Characteristics and Adventages
    ♦ Flow and dirt-holding capacity is 1.8 times of the traditional No.2 filter bag, save investment and usage cost.
    ♦ Outer size is the same with international standard filter bag, can upgrade to XFLOW easily.
    ♦ Adopt patented Sync-Ring™ series filter bag ring, good sealing effect, easy for installation.
    ♦ Supporting basket passed Pressure Destructive Test, high intension and sencurity.
    ♦ With XFLOW filter bag installation frame, quicker replacing speed, can be done in 30 seconds.

    Technical Parameters
    ♦ Nominal filtering precision(µm):1/5/10/25/50/75/100/150/200
    ♦ Filtering material:PP polypropylene needled mat、PE polyester needled mat、NYLON meshed net
    ♦ Woring temperature:PP<80°C、PE<140°C、NYLON<150°C
    ♦ Max. replacing DP:0.5-1kg/cm² (depend on different viscosities)
    ♦ Filter bag size(inche):diameter 7,length28
    ♦ Ideal Max. flow(water):20-45m³/h

    ♦ Pharmmaceuticals : medical intermediate filtration.
    ♦ Food industry : liquor, beverage and drinking water pre-filtration.
    ♦ Fine chemical : dope, ink, resin and adhesive filtration.
    ♦ Different organic solvent, acid, edible oil and lubricant filtration.
    ♦ Water treatment : resin collecting, security filtration and raw water filtration.