E4 1-1/2"

  • The Elima-Matic air valve system ensures continuous, reliable performance in the E4 1-1/2" pump. Available in both clamped and bolted models with a flow rate of 0-72 gpm, this durable pump can handle infinite variable flows up to 90% solids.
    The E4 1-1/2" Pump...
    ♦ is available in either plastic or metal
    ♦ supplies a corrosion-resistant air section
    ♦ is self-priming
    ♦ provides dimensional interchangeability with Wilden 1-1/2" pumps
    ♦ offers horizontal discharge model on bolted metallic pump

    Clamped Metallic 

    Bolted Metallic 

    Bolted Plastic 

VERSA-MATIC Pneumatic diaphragm pump