• Versa-Matic has distinguished itself in the pump industry as a leading provider of innovative diaphragm designs. Longer pump life, trouble-free operation and stress-free maintenance are just some of the benefits you'll find in Versa-Matic's extensive line of diaphragms:
    • FUSION™ Diaphragms
    • Versa-Rugged VR™ Series Diaphragms
    • Versa-Dome® Diaphragms
    • FDA Hytrel Thermoplastic Diaphragms
    • TPE-XL Thermoplastic Diaphragms
    • Versa-Tuff PTFE Diaphragms

    Introducing FUSION™ integrated-plate diaphragms from Versa-Matic, a new kind of power for your pump. FUSION diaphragms go beyond bonding PTFE and rubber; they also meld the outer diaphragm plate into the design. This exclusive bonding process results in diaphragms that are stronger and longer-lasting than ever before. FUSION is compatible with Versa-Matic and Wilden® 1½-inch pumps.
    • Extended flex-life
    • Improved performance
    • Greater displacement per cycle
    • Eliminated leak paths
    • Easy installation and maintenance
    • Smooth, sanitary design
    • Fewer parts, lower inventory costs

    Eliminate your worries about pump failure — now you can enjoy extended pump life with Versa-Matic's Versa-Rugged VR™ Series Diaphragms. Made of high quality, fabric-reinforced, standard rubber, these diaphragms outperform and outlive standard diaphragms.
    Versa-Rugged VR™ Series Diaphragms . . .
    • significantly reduce maintenance costs and downtime
    • are interchangeable with Wilden® 1-1/4", 2" & 3" clamp style pumps
    • come standard on Versa-Matic pumps requiring rubber diaphragms
    • are available in Buna-N®, Neoprene, Nordel®, and Viton®

    Get the diaphragm that lasts up to 300% longer than standard diaphragms. Versa-Matic's Versa-Dome Diaphragms have a simple, smooth dome shape that delivers the flex across the entire face of the diaphragm, resulting in longer life. And they're so flexible, they can be installed and removed without the use of pry bars.
    Versa-Dome Diaphragms. . .
    • eliminate complex angles that cause internal stress and limited flexibility
    • are available in all rubber and thermoplastic materials
    • offer increased flex life over other diaphragm designs
    • can be used in Versa-Matic and Wilden® 2" and 3" pumps

    If you need a pump that is approved for use with food and dairy media, then you need Versa-Matic's FDA Hytrel Thermoplastic Diaphragm. Ideally suited for food processing where USDA and 3A standards are not required, the FDA Hytrel meets FDA standards for food processing and food service industries.
    FDA Hytrel Thermoplastic Diaphragms...
    • use FDA-approved 4059FG-grade Hytrel® rubberized plastic
    • are excellent in abrasive product transfer applications
    • are also available for Wilden® pumps

    Versa-Matic's TPE-XL Thermoplastic Diaphragm provides excellent chemical resistance. Exceptional computer-aided design engineering combines with Versa-Matic's history as the innovator of thermoplastic XL diaphragms to bring you a product that provides increased strength and performance.
    TPE-XL Thermoplastic Diaphragms. . .
    • offer excellent abrasion resistance
    • are also available for Wilden® pumps

    Do away with changing pumps between applications—Versa-Matic's Versa-Tuff PTFE Diaphragms work for nearly every type of fluid. Combining the chemical resistance of PTFE with the flex life of rubber, Versa-Tuff PTFE Diaphragms have nearly three times the burst strength of ordinary PTFE overlays. This is possible because PTFE overlay is 100% bonded to a reinforcing rubber backing, supporting the diaphragm evenly with each stroke.
    Versa-Tuff PTFE Diaphragms. . .
    • have a longer flex life than two-piece diaphragms
    • exhibit greater impact and tensile strength than standard PTFE overlays
    • use the same shaft and plates as standard two-piece PTFE diaphragms
    • are interchangeable with Wilden® 1-1/4", 2" & 3" clamp style pumps      

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