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S-Series Pumps

  • SERIE S Mouvex Technology
    Eccentric disc pump
    • Designed without mechanical seals, packing or magnetic drive, the S-Series pumps eliminate leakage.
    • The transmission mechanism is protected by a tasteless, high-resistance elastomer sleeve meeting FDA requirements.
    • The S-series pumps are designed for cleaning in place (CIP and SIP).
    • The S-series pumps can also be cleaned by hand thanks to their quick and easy opening.
    • 3A certified pump.
    Overall dimensions
    • Due to its small size and low weight, the S-series pumps are ideal for "baseframe" mountings.
    ATEX certified.
    Can run dry in ATEX environment.

    Low shearing

    Displacement of the disc in the cylinder
    • The disc has an eccentric motion (driven by an eccentric shaft).
    • Each point of the disc has the same linear speed.
    • We get a circular translation.
    • The mouvex technology allows a flowrate with low linear speed.
    Main advantages
    • Self-primaiing with strong suction power
    • Ability of draining the pipes (Inlet and Outlet)
    • Ability of dry running
    • Low shearing
    • Maintenance deliery / pressure performance over time
    • Outstanding volumetric efficiency
    • Pumped product constantly renewed
    • Ability to pump high and low viscosity products
    • Output not affected by variation in viscosity
    • Low linear speed