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Micro C Pumps

  • MICRO C SERIES Mouvex Technology
    Eccentric disc pump for continuous transfer and low-flow metering
    Innovative Sealles design
    • Leak free pumping without the need for magnetic couplings or mechanical seals
    • Consistent performance, minimally affected by fluctuations in pressure and viscosity
    • Self-adjusting for mechanical wear
    • Excellent self-priming and line-stripping capability
    • Dry run capability
    Compliance with severe requirements
    Efficient and cost-saving solutions
    • Outstanding price / performance ratio
    Small footprint and easy integration
    • Excellent self priming
    • Ability to run dry
    • Strong suction lift (ability to clear the pipes)
    • Not affected by viscosity variations and pressure
    Fast and easy maintenance
    • Quick dismantling
    Specially Designed for Continuous Transfer and Metering applications:
    • Low flow rate : from 1 to 800 l/hr
    • Easily cleaned (no retention zone)
    • Excellent precision and repeatability*
    • Constant volumetric output over time*
    Ideal for Soap & detergents, Agri-Business, Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals Processing Applications
    • 100% stainless steel construction
    • Extremely gentle with shear-sensitive poducts
    • Meets the most strinent sanitary requirements - 3A and EHEDG (European Hygienic Equipment Design Group)
    • Suitable for CIP and SIP
    • Atex certification (in dry operation)
    • Integrity of trasferred media maintained
    *Mouvex Technology Eccentric disc pump


    Body : 316 L stainless-steel
    Bellows : 316 Ti stainless steel
    Piston : Acteon nickel alloy
    Cylinder : 316 L stainless-steel
    Pressure : C125 - 15 bar (217 psi)
                        C250 - 10 bar (145 psi)
                        C500 - 5   bar (72 psi)
                        C800 - 3   bar (43 psi)
    Max. Temperature : 100°C (212°F)