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sita pro line t15

  • Flexible and compact all-round
    Tensiometer for analysis and

    Product description
    Surface tension measurement – quick and flexible
    The SITA pro line t15 is an all-round talent among bubble pressure tensiometers. The measuring device has a comprehensive bubble lifetime range from 15 ms to 20 s for measuring the dynamic surface tension. It automatically adjusts the chosen bubble exactly without a drift or time-consuming readjusting by the operator.
    The AUTO-MODE analyzes the dynamic behavior of the surface tension of surfactant containing liquids. Wetting characteristics of surface active liquids can be analyzed and the optimal bubble lifetime for the concentration control can be easily determined by the operator.
    The SINGLE-MODE carries out a quick measurement of a single surface tension value at a pre-determined bubble lifetime for a reliable control of the surfactant concentration of process liquids
    The ONLINE-MODE is used for a continuous monitoring of process liquids and for determining the temperature dependency of the surface tension of liquids.
    The measuring data can be saved in the Tensiometer SITA pro line t15, transferred to a computer or printed by an optional protocol printer.
    The software SITA-online realizes a visual presentation, evaluation and further processing of measuring data.


    - 3 measuring modes (SINGLE, AUTO and ONLINE) adapted to different measuring tasks
    - Easy and direct start of measurement
    - Automatic adjustment of bubble lifetime – no drift, no re-adjustment necessary

    Interactive presentation
    Check out functions and application of the Tensiometer SITA pro line t15 through an interactive FLASH-demonstration. Click on the right picture to start the demonstration.

    Measuring principle
    Like all SITA Tensiometer, the SITA pro line t15 is based on the bubble pressure method for measuring the dynamic surface tension of liquids.
    Therefore, as it can be seen in the picture, an air stream is lead through a capillary into the process liquid and the pressure development for the bubble generation is measured.

    Determining the optimal bubble lifetime for a control of surfactant concentration
    The picture shows the procedure of how to determine the optimal bubble lifetime for monitoring the concentration of a wetting agent.
    After measuring the dynamic surface tension of samples with different surfactant concentration in the AUTO-mode, the optimal bubble lifetime is chosen to be the maximum difference between surface tension values of the concentration range to be monitored.
    Analysis of the temperature behavior of process chemicals
    in the ONLINE-mode for determining the temperature compensation for monitoring the surfactant concentration.
    Continuous process monitoring
    in the ONLINE-mode for the documentation of process development.
    Quick measurement of surface tension
    for quality control and concentration control.
    For your security
    Our application engineers advise you, if you can use the SITA pro line t15 for application and how to.

    Technical data
    Surface Tension
    Measuring range
    10 - 100 mN/m (dyn/cm)
    0,1 mN/m (dyn/cm)
    Bubble Lifetime
    Controlled range
    15 - 20000 ms
    1 ms
    Liquid Temperature
    Measuring range
    0 - 100 °C
    0,1 K
    Power Supply
    Mains adapter
    100 - 240 V
    47 - 63 Hz
    Battery (Lion, integrated)
    3,6 V/2000 mAh
    Max. power consumption
    2 W max.
    Interface, Storage, Dimensions, Weight
    data transfer, power supply & charging of battery
    124 x 168 Pixel,
    3 memory areas for SINGLE, AUTO and ONLINE measurements
    Dimensions (WxHxD)
    75 x 168 x 35 in mm
    Weight of instrument
    270 g