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sita science line t60

  • Laboratory Tensiometer for Research
    and Development

    Measures the dynamic surface tension using the bubble pressure methode
    High dynamic bubble lifetime range: 30 ms…100.000 ms
    Precise readings taken with the patented and optimized capillary at any depth
    Automatic calibration with integrated temperature compensation in water


    Wide range of functions with different measurement modes:
    Automatic measurement of dynamic surface tension curves through the whole bubble lifetime range
    Optimal for the analysis of processes and chemicals
    Characterization of the wetting behavior of surface active agents
    Continuous measurement of adjustable period without a drift of bubble lifetime
    Automatic measurement of temperature dependencies

    Product description
    The tensiometer science line t60 measures the dynamic surface tension of liquids by using the bubble pressure method. It can be used mobile, and is especially suited as a laboratory tensiometer for research and development.
    In Online-Mode specific bubble lifetimes (surface age) can be predetermined, which is desirable when monitoring surfactants or measuring concentrations. In Auto-Mode the instrument sweeps a range of varying bubble frequencies, which is profitable for quickly characterizing surfactants ("Fingerprint of Surfactants").
    The measured data can be immediately or continuously transferred to a computer using the tensiometer-software SITA online V3.1. The science line t60/2 also offers the possibility of permanently saving all measured values in the tensiometer, allowing the information to be transferred to a computer at a later time.


    direct temperature monitoring of the sample liquid
    precise readings taken with the capillary at any depth
    long-term measurements up to several days without measurement drift
    Fast and efficient dynamic surface tension measurement
    fast and simple set-up
    ready to use within less than one minute
    simple handling and use
    automatic calibration with water
    built-in memory
    adaptable to several applications
    convenient data processing: Windows Software "SITA-online"
    a good travel companion in its own suitcase
    no external air pump necessary

    Measuring principle
    The laboratory tensiometer science line t60 is based on the bubble pressure method and measures the whole dynamic range of measuring tasks of surface tension. This is done by pumping air through a capillary into the liquid to be analyzed. The pressure within the bubble is proportional to the surface tension.
    Using a very short bubble lifetime (measurements made in a highly dynamic range) high concentrations can be efficiently differentiated. In contrast, with a long bubble lifetime one can take measurements in the semi-static range i.e. detect low concentrations of surfactants.

    Technical data
    Surface Tension
    Measuring range
    10...100 mN/m (dyn/cm)
    0.1 mN/m (dyn/cm)
    Bubble Lifetime / Surface Age
    Controlled range
    30...100,000 ms
    1 ms
    Liquid Temperature
    Measuring range
    -100...150 °C
    0.1 K
    Power Supply
    Mains adapter
    100...240 V
    47...63 Hz
    4 x Mignon 1.5V
    (Size AA, LR6)
    Max. power consumption
    3.6 W
    Interface, Storage, Dimensions, Weight
    RS232 /USB - Interface
    data transfer
    grafic, illuminated
    16 MByte
    7.9 kg complete with suitcase