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sita foam tester R-2000

  • Inaccuracies and subjective influences that occur during manual foam testing have finally been eliminated. With the SITA foam tester R-2000, it's patented rotor for foam generation and the newly developed foam volume measurement system, it is possible to automatically test and analyse the foaming properties and the foam decay of surface active aqueous solutions. For the first time an instrument is available for laboratory tests and quality control which can objectively and reproducibly test and compare foam kinetics.

    The microcontrolled measuring system guarantees the most precise readings of the foam volume
    The patedted 16 needle detectors determine the exact foam volume even when the foam surface is uneven
    The patedted rotor system allows for reproducible foam generation and clear differentiation of diverse surfactant receptors

    Fully automatic tests mean less lab time and operator involvement
    Quick results and conclusions due to the reproducible test results
    Statistically evaluated results with the multiple automatic sample testing

    Technical Data
    Measured value
    Foam volume in ml, resolution 1 ml
    Stirring time
    10 – 600 sec selectable, resolution 1 sec
    Rotational speed
    Variable from 50 – 2000 rpm, resolution 50 rpm
    Temperature control
    0 – 80with external thermal liquid circulator, resolution 1 K
    Sample volume
    250 – 2500ml (250ml recommended)
    Sample liquid reserve capacity
    2 Litres
    Power supply
    100 – 240V / 50 – 60 Hz, 150W, CE Certifcate of Conformity