Magnum 610

  • Chemical Pumps

    Product Type: Ultra-high-purity


    TREBOR's Magnum 610 Pump handles flow capacities up to 9.5 GPM and temperatures up to 110°C. Using only virgin PTFE and PFA materials in the fluid path, the Magnum 610 is compatible with virtually all process chemicals. This air-operated, double diaphragm pump is ideally suited for chemical recirculation applications. As with all TREBOR pumps, the Magnum 610's simple and compact design utilizes few moving parts for improved reliability and lower maintenance costs. Its non-penetrated PFA diaphragms provide exceptional flex life that extends maintenance intervals. Also available with non-metallic air-side control valves; the Magnum 610NM.

    Performance Summary

    Differential Pressure, Max:
    60 psig
    Flow Rate, Max: 9.5 gpm
    Product Sub Category: N/A
    Suction Lift, Dry: 9 ft
    Temperature: 230 °F
    Weight: 14 lbs

    Product Features
    • Exceptional diaphram life - longest in the industry
    • Up to 60 psig (4.2 kg/cm2) operating pressure
    • Flow capacity up to 9.5 gpm (36 lpm)
    • Handles chemical temperatures up to 110°C
    • Safe, pneumatic operation with clean, dry air or nitrogen
    • Adjustable exhaust muffler for steady operation in high back pressure/low flow conditions
    • Quiet Operation

    • High purity PTFE/PFA fluid path
    • All wetted seals are 100% PTFE; standard air-side seals are FKM (Viton®) - FFKM option available
    • Patented floating PTFE O-ring check valve for increased dry suction prime and overall pumping efficiency
    • Non-penetrated double layer PFA diaphragm design for longer diaphragm life and safe double chemical containment
    • Non-metallic exterior - ideal for use in aggressive environments
    • User serviceable
    • Clean room assembled, tested and packaged
    • One year warranty