Purus CP

  • Chemical Pumps

    Product Type: Ultra-high-purity


    Ideal for single-wafer wet process applications, the Trebor® Purus CP is a two-chamber, cross-phase discharge diaphragm pump that synchronizes the dual pumping action to minimize fluctuations in pressure and flow while continually delivering superior flow stability. Even without a pulsation dampener, the Purus CP achieves flow stability similar to expensive centrifugal pumps.

    Performance Summary
    Differential Pressure, Max: 60 psig
    Flow Rate, Max:
    1.6 gpm
    Product Sub Category:
    Suction Lift, Dry:
    11 ft
    0 min 248 max °F
    4 lbs 


    Product Features
    • Stable flow and pressure to ensure consistent performance
    • Suction capable - locate the pump in a convenient location
    • Continuous dry-run and dead-head capable
    • Low particle generation
    • Simple controls
    • Two year, no-maintenance operation

    • Ultrapure - no metal parts and no elastomeric o-rings
    • 100% PTFE/PFA fluid path
    • Integral leak & cycle diagnostics
    • Small footprint; lightweight
    • Cleanroom assembled, tested, and packaged