Mega 960

  • Chemical Pumps

    Product Type: Ultra-high-purity



    A High Purity Chemical Pump for High Volume Flow Applications. TREBOR's Mega 960 Pump handles flow capacities up to 25 GPM and temperatures up to 100°C. Using only the highest purity and most chemically compatible materials available in the fluid path (PTFE and PFA), the Mega 960 is compatible with virtually all process chemicals. Non-metallic valves and components in the air path provide additional insurance against any risk of chemical contamination or corrosion.

    As with all TREBOR pumps, the Mega 960's simple, compact design utilizes few moving parts and has excellent dry start and self-priming capabilities. Pneumatic shuttle valve operation improves reliability and simplifies control requirements, while the 'smart' pilot valves overcome the difficulties created with high head pressure. The 960's non-metallic exterior makes it ideal for use in aggressive environments. The Mega 960 is the perfect choice for your high volume or bulk chemical delivery applications.

    Performance Summary

    Differential Pressure, Max:
    80 psig
    Flow Rate, Max: 25 gpm
    Product Sub Category: N/A
    Suction Lift, Dry: 10 ft
    Temperature: 0 min 212 max °F
    Weight: 37 lbs

    Product Features
    • No-stall air logic design provides reliable operation in all pump conditions
    • Up to 80 psi operating pressure
    • Flow capapcity up to 25 gpm (95 lpm)
    • Handles chemical temperatures up to 100°C
    • Explosion-proof, pneumatic operation with clean dry air or nitrogen
    • Dry suction life to 10 feet (3 meters) water column for better life of more viscous, higher specific gravity chemicals

    • PTFE/PFA fluid path
    • Air-side components are constructed of polypropylene/PTFE/PFA/PEEK/alumina ceramic
    • All wetted seals are 100% PTFE; standard air-side seals are FKM (Viton®) - additional air-side seal options are available
    • US Patent 5,370,507-patented floating PTFEO-ring check valve for increased dry suction prime and overall pumping efficiency
    • Non-penetrated double layer PFA diaphragm design for longer diaphragm life and safe double chemical containment
    • Simple, compact design with externally accessible valves for easy field service and preventative mainenance
    • User or factory serviceable - maintenance internal exceeding one year
    • Class 1000 clean room assembled, tested and packaged
    • One year warranty