• HTS regenerative pump

    HTS are close-coupled single-stage magnetic drive regenerative pumps. Metal components are produced by precision casting. The Neodymium-Iron-Boron rare-earth magnets guarantee a compact coupling that is efficient even with high-density liquids. The use of LF graphite bushings with low coefficient of friction ensures excellent value for money. On the other hand, the pure Silicon Carbide version allows use with particularly corrosive liquids. Motion is transmitted by magnetic couplings, thus avoiding a mechanical connection between impeller and the driving part. This system guarantees maximum safety, reducing the risk of leakage to a minimum. Furthermore, the elimination of external transmission parts makes this series extremely compact, silent and safe even for inexperienced operators. The special characteristics of these pumps are: low flow and high head, possibility of pumping liquids containing up to 20% gas, lower suction head requirement than a centrifugal pump, processing of clean liquids only.
    HTS pumps are mainly intended for builders of small systems, OEM users and all those applications where the use of conventional centrifugal pumps is not recommended.

    Technical features

    Pump type Close-coupled regenerative pump with motor on B5 frame
    Construction materials AISI 316L (standard) - Hastelloy C (optional)
    Liquids handled Corrosive and toxic liquids
    Performances Q max = 5 m3/h H=160 mcl
    Motors from 0.75 kW (gr. 80 ) to 7.5 kW ( gr. 132)
    Max temperature from -30 °C to +140 °C
    Pressure ratings allowed 24bar
    Max viscosity 200 cSt max
    Pass solids Not allowed
    Hydraulic performances