• ETS magnetic drive pump

    ETS is a new type of close-coupled single-stage magnetic drive centrifugal pump. Metal components are produced by precision casting. The rare-earth magnets (Neodymium-Iron -Boron) guarantee the efficiency of the coupling with temperatures of up to +140°C even with high-density liquids. The use of silicon carbide bushings makes ETS pumps compatible with even the most "difficult" liquids. Transmission is achieved using magnetic couplings, thus avoiding a mechanical connection between impeller and driving part. This system guarantees maximum operating safety, reducing the risk of liquid or vapour leakages to a minimum. Furthermore, the elimination of drive shaft and external rotating parts makes this series extremely compact, silent and safe even for inexperienced operators.
    These pumps are very inexpensive and are ideal for use in a wide range of demanding applications such as vacuum or pressure systems.

    Technical features

    Pump type Close-coupled regenerative pump with motor on B5 frame
    Construction materials AISI 316L (standard) - Hastelloy-C (optional)
    Liquids handled Acids, bases, solvents
    Performances Q max = 35 m3/h H=64m
    Motors Electrical from 1.1 kW (gr. 80) to 7.5 kW (gr. 132)
    Max temperature PP: from -70 °C to +140 °C
    Pressure ratings allowed from PN10 to PN40
    Max viscosity 450 cSt max
    Pass solids Max concentration 5 % in weight
    Hardness 800 Vk
    Size max. 200 µm
    Hydraulic performances
    ETS motor dimensions
    Baseplate dimensions