• STN-SP self-priming pump

    STN-SP are self-priming magnetic driven centrifugal pumps in close-coupled execution.
    Ideal for safe installation priming from the top of vessels and/or tanks for transferring acids, solvents and corrosive liquids.
    The pump has to be completely filled prior to priming; after the first priming, pump design grants that enough liquid remains in the casing for subsequent primings. STN SP exclusive design does not require any "Clapet" or non-return valve, that may be subject to wear and deteriorate pump performances.
    All non metallic wet-end components are injection moulded and/or machined from block material.
    The LF Graphite bush configuration, with its low friction coefficient, combined with CDR FTC exclusive balancing system of the internal magnet (Full Thrust Control), allows to withstand occasional dry running periods up to one hour.
    On the other hand, the SiC version allows the use of this pumps with particularly aggressive and abrasive liquids.
    The magnetic coupling with neodymium-iron-boron magnets insures a sealless, zero-leakage pumping solution.
    The closed-coupled execution makes the STN SP pump very compact, silent and safe.

    Technical specifications

    Materials PP / PVC-CAW
    Flow rate max 15 m3/h
    Head max 23 m
    Electric motors da 0.75 kW (gr.80) to 4 kW (gr.132)
    Temperature range from 0°C to +50°C
    Allowable pressure rating from 20°C - 9bar to 50°C - 7bar
    Viscosity ---
    Pass solids Max concentration: 2% of weight
    Max hardness: 800 Vk
    Max particle size: 150ìm
    Max suction lift Upt to -5 m
    Hydraulic performances