• CVN-LD vertical centrifugal pump

    CVN-LD are vertical-shaft centrifugal pumps built from PP or PVDF thermoplastic material (parts in contact with the process liquid). They are installed on a metal baseplate, coated on the tank side, and connected to the driving part by means of a flexible coupling. Depending on the length requested, they are fitted with between one and three shaft supports. The supports consist of extremely reliable and hard-wearing separately-flushed friction bearings. CVN pumps are available in the standard versions with lip-seal system or liquid seal to prevent the outflow of rising vapours and gases.
    These pumps are typically used in all industrial sectors for the transfer of corrosive, toxic or hazardous liquids.

    Technical features

    Pump type Vertical-shaft centrifugal pump with motor on V1 frame
    Construction materials PP / PVDF
    Liquids handled Chemical, toxic or flammable liquids
    Performances Q max = 55 m3/h H=35mcl
    Motors Electrical, 0.75 kW to 7.5 kW
    Hydraulic performances