• UTS magnetic drive pump

    UTS are single-stage magnetic drive centrifugal pumps. Of the horizontal type, installed on a common baseplate with the drive, they meet the requirements of standards DIN 24256 and ISO 2858. Motion is transmitted by magnetic couplings, thus avoiding a mechanical connection between the impeller and driving part. The absence of drive shaft and respective sealing systems removes the risk of leakage of the pumped product. Hydraulic thrust control, optimised internal lubrication, hard-wearing bushings and other components, excellent hydraulic performance and simple maintenance make UTS pumps of unrivalled versatility. They can be manufactured from stainless steel or special alloys. Operating temperatures range from cryogenic to +320°C. The build specifications of these pumps make them especially suitable for the replacement of machinery of similar type and/or different materials (revamping of existing systems).

    Technical features

    Pump type Magnetic Single-stage magnetic drive centrifugal pump
    Construction materials AISI 316L (standard) - Hastelloy-C (optional)
    Liquids handled Chemical, toxic or flammable liquids
    Performances Q max = 320 m3/h H=140m
    Motors Electrical from 1.1 kW (gr. 80) to 75 kW (gr. 280)
    Max temperature PP: from -120 °C to +320 °C
    Pressure ratings allowed from PN10 to PN40
    Max viscosity 400 cSt max
    Pass solids Max concentration 2 % in weight
    Hardness 800 Vk
    Size max. 250 µm
    Hydraulic performances
    UTS bare shaft 1 dimensions
    UTS 1st baseplate support dimensions