STN 4, 6, 10

  • STN 4, 6, 10 magnetic drive pump

    STN series single-stage magnetic drive centrifugal pumps are the close-coupled type. The thermoplastic components (PP-GF or ETFE) are injection-moulded. The Neodymium-Iron-Boron rare-earth magnets guarantee a compact coupling that is efficient even with high-density liquids.

    The option of using LF graphite rotary bushings with low coefficient of friction coupled with the exclusive FTC magnetic balancing system for the internal rotor allows occasional dry operation for up to one hour.

    On the other hand, the pure Silicon Carbide version allows use with liquids that contain suspended solids or are especially chemically-aggressive. Motion is transmitted by magnetic couplings, thus avoiding a mechanical connection between impeller and the driving part. This system guarantees maximum safety, reducing the risk of leakage to a minimum. Furthermore, the elimination of external transmission parts makes this series extremely compact, silent and safe even for inexperienced operators.

    STN pumps offer excellent value, making then a particularly attractive proposition for builders of small systems and OEM users.

    Technical features

    Pump type Close-coupled STN pump with motor on B3/B14 frame
    Construction materials PP / PVDF
    Liquids handled Corrosive, toxic or flamable liquids
    Performances Q max = 10 m3/h --> H max = 13 mcl
    Motors 0.12 kW ( gr. 56 ) --> 0.55 kW ( gr. 71 )
    Max temperature 0°C --> +70°C PP
    0°C --> +80°C PVDF
    System pressure STN 4/6/10 PP = PN4 (20°C) - PN2 (70°C)
    STN 4/6/10 PVDF = PN4 (20°C) - PN2 (80°C)
    Viscosity 200 cSt max
    Pass solids Max concentration 2 % in weight
    Hardness 800 Vk / Size max. 150 µm
    Hydraulic performances
    motor size 80/90