Blender BL 120

    The BL 120 is ideal for all liquids where powders are to be added and incorporated evenly (skimmed milk, ice-cream, oils, various foodstuffs, creamy desserts, etc.), enabling up to 20% solids to be incorporated.
    The flow of powder coming from the hopper (standard capacity 50 litres) and the flow of liquid remain completely separated as far as the inlet into the mixing chamber thereby preventing the formation of lumps or any obstruction which could clog up the feeder pipes.
    The dosage of the dry components in the blender is regulated by a special throttle valve located at the output from the load hopper which allows the density of the blend to be regulated to specifications.
    The choice of materials and the attention to detail of every single component guarantee that the machine is completely reliable and suitable for processing foodstuffs.
    The uniformity of the final density of the fluid is possible thanks to a permanent suction vortex inside the mixing chamber, constant during working operations. For this it is essential to maintain a uniform flow of the liquid.
    If it should prove necessary, taking into consideration the hydraulic circuit, an auxiliary pump (for example TCN or TEH model) can be fitted in front of the mixer that will stabilize and compensate the values of flow/height of the system.

    Technical features of Blender
    Max. capacity solids: 1.200 kg/h
    Max. capacity liquids: 12.000 l/h
    Maximun head: 8 m                                      
    Hopper volume: 50 l                                     
    Blender motore: 3 kW - 2900 r.p.m.
    Technical features of Auxiliary Pump 
    Model: TC 55/4
    Power rating: 2,2 kW - 1450 r.p.m.
    Ø suction: DN 50 
    Ø delivery: DN 40 

    For all liquids where powders are to be added and incorporated evenly: skimmed milk, ice-cream, oils, various foodstuffs, creamy desserts, etc., enabling up to 20% of solids to be incorporated.