Centrifugal Pumps TSM

  • It represents the sanitary pump of “Tecnicapompe”. It is used in the processes with heavy working conditions in terms of duration (in fact, the bearing assures that the pump can work 24/24h. without any breaks) and in terms of performance (it can deliver at a max. pressure of 20 bar at a max. plant pressure of 21 bar).
    WHY TSM?
    Because it can deliver at a total head that a traditional mono-stage pump cannot. What is more, it guarantees the peformance required.


    • Material: AISI 316
    • Impeller: Open 6 blades (from 2 to 4 impellers)
                 Ømin 170 - Ømax 200 (mm)
    • Nipples: DIN 11851 (standard), GAS, SMS, etc. (on request)
    • Motor: 2-4 poles (1450-2900 r.p.m.) - I.Cl. F - IP55 400/690V - 3Ph - 50Hz



    Milk and by-products, Wine, Beer and Drinks, Water, Juices and Concentrates, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Products
    • Capacity up to 60 m³/h (220 Imp.g.p.m.)
    • Total head up to 200 m (660 feet)
    • Max. plant pressure 21 bar (including hydrostatic head)
    • Max. fluid viscosity 500 cP