Centrifugal Pumps TEH

  • The TEH model is the proper TECNICAPOMPE sanitary ump. It has been designed in order to avoid any stagnation points, for the treatment of fluids and mixtures (up to 1500 cP) or liquids with solid particles in suspension (20% solids) which are small- or medium-sized (diameter < 30 mm.). The version with the external mechanical seal is mainly used in the Chemical and Pharmaceutical industries. It is also used with the Mixer BL 120 in order to mix powder and liquid without creating crumbs (flour with water, powder with milk, etc.).
    WHY TEH?
    Because the sanitary characteristic is the main aspect to take into account when choosing a pump. Because we have tested pump in according to EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group) “Report n. V6603”.


    • Material: AISI 316
    • Impeller: Open 3/4 blades
                 Ømin 115- Ø max 230 (mm)
    • Nipples: DIN 11851 (standard) Clamp, etc. (on request) DIN 11864, ecc.
    (upon request)
    • Motor: 2-4 poles / I.Cl. F - IP55 - 400V-690 - 3Ph - 50Hz
    • Extra: EHEDG ready


    Water, Wine, Milk and by-products, Juices and Concentrates, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Products
    • Capacity up to 220 m³/h (810 Imp.g.p.m)
    • Total head until 90m (295 feet)
    • Max fluid viscosity 1000 cP
    • Ømax solids in suspension 55 mm