Centrifugal Pumps ZCD

  • The ZCD can be used with a variety of thick products (up to 1500 cP) or with products that have solid particles in suspension (up to 60% solids and 40% water), even with considerable dimensions (up to 100 mm. of diameter).
    For example, whole olives with water or brine, fish, potatoes, mixtures. It is suitable for the Chemical Industry, Petroleum Chemistry and Pulp Industry.
    In addition, it is used in the pumping systems UPB for a delicate transfer of the product.
    WHY ZCD?
    Because it can be used with big working loads or large volumes (up to 1.200.000 l/h), with delicate solid particles even of big dimensions.


    • Material: AISI 304/316
    • Impeller: Screw-shaped (single/double threaded)
    • Nipples: DIN 11851 (standard ZCD15-55), FL UNI 2277(standard ZCD100-200); others on request
    • Motor: from 4 to 10 poles / I.Cl.F-IP55 - 400/690V - 3Ph - 50Hz


    Fluid/mixture with solid particles in suspension
    • Capacity up to 1200 m³/h (4400 Imp.g.p.m.)
    • Total head up to 30 m (100 feet)
    • Max Ø of solid in suspension 70 mm.
    • Max. fluid viscosity 1000 cP