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Washing Units HURRICANE II

  • Perfect cleaning of insides of tanks
    The "Hurricane II" jet-washer is used for cleaning the insides of tanks.
    The machine is simple and compact, does not create any friction and has no electrical parts. The flow of water enables the jet washer to rotate on itself and the nozzles to rotate at the same time.
    This results in constant movement with the cleaning nozzles covering the whole surface of the container in an indefinite number of cycles. The number and size of the nozzles can be altered to suit the size of the container to be washed.

    Connections to be chosen (DIN11851, BSP, etc).
    Materials: AISI316, PVDF (fluoropolymer) and PEEK.
    Materials compatible with all common cleaning products.
    Three basic bodies from which a wide range of versions can be produced to provide maximum versatility of use.