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Mixers MIX-E Extractable Mixer

  • MIX-E is the new universal TECNICAPOMPE agitator.
    Because of its functional and compact design and its low weight, it represents an excellent solution for the agitation of liquids inside big-capacity tanks used in a variety of industrial applications.
    The retractable shaft together with the flexible paddles allow the introduction and withdrawal of the agitator from the tank without losing liquid.
    There are three different models according to the motor power and they can be customized.
    Capacity of Tank
    MIX-E 037/4
    MIX-E 075/4
    MIX-E 15/4

    All the parts of the MIX-E extractable mixer coming into contact with the liquid are made of AISI 304 stainless steel.
    During operation, a hook-up system placed in the back of the mixer allows the retractable shaft to rotate with the motor shaft as one unit.
    The 5 mm thick tubular joint coaxial with the retractable shaft is connected to the tank’s output tube by means of a connection (to be chosen, such as DIN 11851 type, GAROLLA, etc.).
    The liquid chamber located between the joint and retractable shaft is rendered watertight by a suitable mechanical seal the materials for which may be chosen to suit the chemical and physical properties of the liquid (the standard version has a stainless steel/graphite mechanical seal).
    The joint and connection also hold the mixer in a horizontal position. When the machine is not working, the back lock can be removed to allow the retractable shaft to move backwards with respect to the mixer body. This allows the flexible paddles to fit inside the tubular joint, which enables the interception valve located between the tank and mixer to function thereby preventing the liquid inside the tank from running out.

    DRINKS INDUSTRY: Wine, grape must, juices, beer, alcoholic drinks, cordials
    FOOD INDUSTRY: Oil, sugar solutions, vinegar, mustard
    LIQUID WASTE TREATMENT: Spent oils, effluent, coolants
    CHEMICAL INDUSTRY: Acids, dispersing media, detergents, inks
    PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY: Emulsion, liquid soaps
    PAINT INDUSTRY: Paints, solvents, glues