Centrifugal Pumps TCD

  • It is mainly used for the Pumping-Over of the must in order to spray the “cap” (i.e., the less thick part of the pressed grape which remains in the upper part of the tank). It can be used with the ORD Pumping-over Sprayer (ORIGINAL RED DAISY) in order to distribute the liquid in a homogeneous way. In addition, it can be used for the transfer of wine between big capacity tanks.
    WHY TCD?
    Because it represents the economical version of the ZCD.
    The casting spiral whorl (typical of the ZCD) is replaced by the round pressed whorl, which reduces the cost of the TCD considerably.
    It keeps the same characteristics and suitability to treat delicate products.

    • Impeller: single threaded screw-shaped
                  Ø min 150 - Ø max 225 (mm)
    • Nipples: DIN 11851 (standard), GAS, SMS, RJT (custom)
    • Motor: 4 poles (1450 r.p.m.) I.Cl.F-IP55 - 400V - 3Ph - 50Hz