Centrifugal Pumps TCV

  • It is mainly used in the processes that require the transfer of clean liquid without any solid particles in suspension such as water, wine,...); in the modern technological plants (concentrators, centrifuges, exchangers, blenders, CIP cycles, etc.). They have a very wide range of performance thanks to the double version: TCV (higher head) and the TCV-I (higher capacity).
    They represent an alternative when the sanitary aspect is not an essential requirement; they are more economical because they are made with pressed components; the closed impeller improves the performance with the same consumption.


    • Material: AISI 304/316
    • Impeller: Closed
                 Ø min 180- Ømax 245 (mm)
    • Nipples: DIN 11851 (standard), GAS, SMS, etc. (on request)
    • Motor: 2 poles (2900 r.p.m.) I.Cl. F - IP55 - 400/660V - 3Ph - 50Hz


    Water, Wine, Milk, Beer and Drinks
    • Capacity up to 150 m³/h (550 Imp.g.p.m)
    • Total head until 80m (260 feet)
    • Clean liquids without solids in suspension
    • Viscosity max fluid to deal 500 cP