Centrifugal Pumps TCN

  • The pumps type TCN are suitable for the wine, dairy, chemical, pharmaceutical and water treatment industries:
    - Centrifugal separators;
    - C.I.P. washing cycles;
    - Sterile concentration plants and saturation plants;
    - Plate exchangers.
    Manufactured in a unique block (body) and equipped with different accessories which allow a complete modularity of the pump.

    Material: Aisi 304/Aisi 316
    Impeller: Open 2/4 blades, Semi-open 8 blades
               Ømax 185mm.
    Connections: DIN 11851, Clamp, GAS-BSP, DIN 11864, ecc.
    Motor: 2-4 poles, IEC flange B5, IP55, Aluminum
    Mechanical Seal: Internal or double flushing

    Wine, Milk, Beer, Water, Chemical-Pharmaceutical
    Capacity up to 100 m³/h (370 Imp.g.p.m.)
    Total head up to 50 meters of water column (165 feet)
    Max fluid viscosity: 1.000 cP
    Solids in suspension max Ø8mm